2016 LA Startup Fellowship
Startup Application 

If you are based in LA and are looking to hire really talented undergraduates for the summer, this program will be a great fit for you. The best part - it's totally FREE. 

Incase you were looking for the student application, please head to - https://bruinentrepreneurs.typeform.com/to/aBmDTb?
Let's go!
What is your name? *

What is the startup you work at? *

Where is your office located? *

We're not looking for your postal address, a general area will suffice (for now, at least). Eg. Venice, Santa Monica, DTLA, Pasadena, etc.
Could you briefly summarize what your startup does? *

How many employees does your startup have? *

Have you hired an intern before? *

Could you briefly describe what the fellow could be working on?

This is an optional question, however, answering it helps us with the matching process. 

If you are looking to hire more than one fellow, please include descriptions for each.
Who are you looking to hire for the summer? *

This year we're running our pilot program, we are enforcing a limit of one person from each category. However, you do have the ability to to choose one from each.

Will you be able to assign a mentor for the course of the fellows internship? *

How many hours a week do you intend for the the intern to be at the office? *

How much will you be paying the fellow per hour? *

Please enter 0 if you are planning to have the intern as an unpaid fellow.
How many weeks would you like the fellow the join you for? *

We would like to have a 30 minute chat with you over the phone sometime later this week or early next week, please could you share your phone number?

We look forward to getting in touch with you! If you can, please spread the love and have your friends' startups join us in keeping the best talent in LA! 

This is a program created by Varadh Jain (http://twitter.com/varadhjain) and Christie Matthews.

Please contact us at fellowship @bruinentrepreneurs.com with any questions you may have.
Bruin Entrepreneurs
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